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A life-changing new kind of porcelain tile is here.

Imagine you're a homeowner who has a brand new countertop of expensive marble. While you’re tending to your toddler, your baby spills spaghetti sauce on the counter. When you discover the mess, you find your new marble counter now has a huge etch mark from the acid in the sauce.

Enter Magnifica, a large format slab surface with the beauty of natural stone, but with the durability of porcelain.

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Colors and veining straight from the quarry

We set out to capture the realism of marbles, volcanic basalt and industrial concrete.

Need more size options?

Magnifcia porcelain slab size options

Think you have an uncommon project?

For sizes other than our stocked option, our fabrication facility can specialty cut the 120”x60”x6mm panels to any size.*

Magnifcia porcelain slab custom cuts

* Minimum purchase of 250 sq ft of material (equal to five panels) required to qualify for this program. Lead times vary, average 30-60 days based on stock. Please speak to your sales representative for more information.

Create the illusion of a massive slab of stone

To achieve the randomness found naturally in marble, we offer four unique faces, in various colors in the 60"x120" sizes.

Think you found a match?

What might be the best thing to come to large format tile is now available for you.


Residential Commercial
Shower Walls
Showers Floors
Interior and exterior use Interior use only Maybe suitable for exterior floors
Legend Interior and exterior use Interior use only See tearsheets for Exterior Floor suitability

Technical Specs

Description Results ASTM#
Water Absorption ≤ 0.5000% C373
PEI Rating N/A C1027
MOHS (Scratch Resistant) 7 MOHS
Frost Resistant Unaffected C1026
Breaking Strength > 250 lbs C648
Chemical Resistant Unaffected C650
DCOF Acutest 0.4200 N/A

10 Year Warranty