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How Porcelain Tile is Made

Discover the Story of Porcelain Tile

How Porcelain Tile is Made



The Types of Tiles

Through Body Tile

Through body tile is ideal for high traffic areas because it's the best at hiding scratches, chips and wear. The entire tile is made of the same material, with no surface glaze or finish, so scratches blend in with the surface. Note in the illustration how the exposed body of the tile closely resembles the surface.

Color Body Tile

Color body tile offers both great beauty and durability. This tile is painted with a finish and then glazed, giving it the perfect look. The color of the tile is carefully matched with the finish to make wear less noticeable. You can see how well the exposed body matches the surface in the illustration.

Double Loaded Tile

A double loaded tile can provide durability at a bargain price by layering a beautiful unglazed tile with a simple base tile. The two layers are fused together with extreme pressure and heat, forming a single solid tile. The best double loaded tiles have a thick top layer to prevent surface damage from revealing the base layer.

White Body Tile

A white body tile can provide a stunning look with a painted eye-catching design protected by a thin yet durable glaze. While this isn't as durable as through body tile, it can make for a truly unique design that can't be replicated by any other method.

Red Body Tile

Red body tile is similar to white body tile, but uses more affordable raw materials which typically results in a more affordable tile. Although the body of the tile is red, once installed and grouted, the red body can not been seen. If the tile becomes chipped or scratched the red body can show through, making this type of tile less desirable in high traffic applications.

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