Magnifica Encore Luxury 126" x 63" - 12mm Satin Porcelain Bookmatched Slab in Taj Mahal Lux | Bedrosians Tile & Stone
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Water Absorption ≤ {{getProperty('WaterAbsorption')}}% N/A C373
PEI Rating {{getProperty('PeiAbrasion')}} N/A C1027
MOHS (Scratch Resistant) {{getProperty('ScratchResistance')}} N/A MOHS
Frost Resistant Unaffected N/A C1026
Breaking Strength > {{getProperty('BreakingStrength')}} lbs N/A C648
Chemical Resistant Unaffected N/A C650
DCOF Acutest ≥ {{getProperty('Dcof')}} N/A N/A


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title Residential Commercial
title Interior use only Interior and exterior use May be suitable for exterior floors
Legend Interior use only Interior and exterior use See tearsheets for Exterior Floor suitability