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How Do I Choose Bathroom Tile?

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 9/11/2019

Tile is the foundation of any home. It covers the walls and floors of your abode, setting the scene for your lifestyle. Before you can transform your home into a wow-worthy space, there are five questions you should ask yourself...

What's the Best Kind of Bathroom Tile to Use?

First things first, you need to establish a budget. There are all sorts of materials available at varying price points, with ceramic, glass, and natural stone being the most popular.

Cloe Ceramic TileKaleidoscope of Colors
Cloe ceramic tile, a company best-seller, is available in 2 sizes: 5"x5" and 2.5"x8" and 8 colors, plus a 5"x5" Loire deco and 1/2"x8" trim piece.

Ceramic tile is made by grinding raw materials, like clay mixtures or other minerals, and fusing them together through a firing process. Most ceramic tiles are meant just for wall applications.

Cloe Ceramic TileMix Up the Horizontal and Vertical Lines
Cloe ceramic tile in 2.5"x8" White | Designer: a NABER DESIGN
Costa Allegra 3x6 subway tile in White SandMake Tile Shapes Pop With Contrasting Grout
Costa Allegra ceramic 3"x6" subway tile in White Sand | Designer: Mindy Gayner Design

Porcelain, part of the ceramic family, is more impact resistant and can go on both floors and walls since it is fired at a higher temperature. Porcelain has a lower water absorption rate than other types of ceramic tiles, and is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. Most other types of ceramic are only recommended for indoor use.

Enchante 8x8 porcelain tile in ModernoLet's Give a Hand to Patterned Tile
 Enchante 8"x8" porcelain tile in Moderno is a perfect floor choice for the bathroom
Enchante porcelain tile in ModernoBold Black & White
Enchante porcelain tile in Moderno | Designer: Roserock Properties

Contemplating wooden floors? Wood-look porcelain gives you the look and feel of wood floors, but without the worry of scratches or warping, especially in rooms with lots of moisture, like bathrooms.

Tahoe 8x40 wood-look porcelain tile in GlacierWood Without the Worry
Tahoe 8"x40" wood-look porcelain tile in Glacier

Natural stone tile is another option for floors, walls and counters, either in slab, tile or mosaics. Its inherent beauty makes it a solid choice. Because no two pieces are alike, every installation is unique. The texture and color variety in the stone give every space a unique appearance that cannot be duplicated.

White Carrara marble 2" hexagon mosaicSweet Shape of Honeycomb
Wall and floor: White Carrara 2"x2" honed marble hexagon mosaic | Molding: White Carrara 3"x12" honed marble Chandra crown molding | Designer: Desert Decor

Available in an endless array of attention-grabbing colors and transparencies, glass tiles are a perfect option for making a bold design statement in an otherwise utilitarian space. It also has the special ability to shimmer and sparkle, which bounces light around a room to visually expand the space.

Imperial 2.5x6 beveled subway glass tile in PrincessMirror, Mirror, On the Wall
Imperial 2.5"x6" beveled subway glass tile in Princess

What's the Best Tile Color to Use in My Bathroom?

With so many beautiful tiles to choose from, the bathroom is a perfect place to show off a little personality and take a risk with a fun color or pattern on your tiles. However, if you are going to go for it, keep it to one show stopper. You'll acheive a timeless look with the wow factor you want without competing with the other elements in the room.

Cloe 5x5 ceramic tile in PinkPretty in Pink
Cloe 5"x5" ceramic tile in Pink | Designer: Hello Fashion
Chateau 12x12 porcelain tile in Midnight/Canvas decoPattern Pop
Floor and shower niche: Chateau 12"x12" porcelain tile in Midnight/Canvas deco | Shower wall: Costa Allegra 3"x12" ceramic tile in White Sand | Designer: Styled Out West

What's the Best Tile Size to Use in My Bathroom?

Just as is true with any aspect of interior design, what’s en vogue is fluid and constantly changing. For most of our porcelain tile collections, we sell coordinating mosaics that can be used on the shower floor/walls, creating a cohesive and flowing look. As a rule, the larger the tile, the bigger the space will seem. Small tiles on the floor create the need for more grout, thus making the room feel a smaller. The best way to decide what size tile will work in your space is to bring home samples prior to tile installation.

Go Long with Elongated Subway Tile
Costa Allegra 3"x12" ceramic subway tile in White Sand | Designer: Anita Yokota

One of our favorite designers, Anita Yokota, an interior design blogger, says, "I would suggest before you even buy the tile you want, try different sized tiles and work within your measurement so that you know ahead of time of any potential problems. And, if you are designing two kinds of tile sizes, make sure dimensions are multiples of each other. For example, 12"x12" floor tiles and 4"x4" wall tiles would align perfectly."

How Do I Place Tiles in My Bathroom to Maximize My Space?

Reach for the stars — or at least the ceiling! When tiling a shower, the design should reach all the way to the ceiling. This creates a more finished and crisp look. It will also protect your drywall from exposure to water or dirt. An added bonus is that this type of tile placement is the best way to make your bathroom look larger by making the walls look taller.

Cloe 2.5x8 ceramic tile in WhiteClassy From Top to Bottom
Shower tile:Cloe 2.5"x8" ceramic tile in White | Floor: | Tuscany 8"x8" porcelain tile in A1 pattern (Dark Blue, Blue Gray, Steel Gray, White) Designer: Sarah Joy
Grace 4x12 ceramic wall in BiancoStretch Out Your Wall and Stand Up Tall
Grace 4"x12" ceramic wall in Bianco | Designer: Morgan Mullan Design

What Tile Style Should I Use in My Bathroom?

Dr. Ellen Fisher, Dean of NYSID (New York School of Interior Design) once said “The design of a floor conveys the essential character of a space not only through visual appearance but also through the feel of textures, transitions, and temperatures. Whether buttery leather or super slick glass tile, the choice of flooring materials speaks volumes.”

Allora 8.5x10 porcelain hexagon tile in the Fiore patternUpdated Classic
Allora 8.5"x10" porcelain hexagon tile in the Fiore pattern | Designer: Altura Homes

Each type of tile can create its own vibe and feeling. Marble will instantly add a classical, elegant feel. Metal, stainless steel, and glass are best for modern spaces. If you’re going for a rustic feel, wood floors and ceramic walls work well. It’s a good idea to have your samples (paint, cabinet finish, countertop finish, etc.) on hand while tile shopping to see how all the materials work together.

Remy 8x8 cement tile in BrigetteBohemian Flair
Remy 8"x8" cement tile in Brigette | Designer: Rachel Moriarty Interiors

As the great designer Billy Baldwin says "Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style."

Remy 8x8 cement tile in BrigetteCraftsman Appeal
Le Cafe 2"x2" porcelain hexagon mosaic in matte black and white | Designer: Signe Lauren

Are you ready to elevate your space? Visit any of our Bedrosians locations to speak to a specialist and get inspired by our beautiful array of products from floor to wall, indoors and out.