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Tile Talk: Versatile Styles

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 6/13/2024

Versatility may be a word that is essential in your material search in space or home design. If you’re looking to add tiles, multi-space coverage may be important in achieving your space upgrade or renovation in an efficient way. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style while seeking space usage application. If you’re looking for tiles that can be applied for both indoor and outdoor, here are some ideal styles that can help accomplish your look.

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Tile Talk: The Innovativeness of Engineered Hardwood

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 5/20/2024

There’s nothing more versatile in-home design than utilizing hardwood. It makes finding the right style for your design or remodeling needs easier than you think. In the area of engineered hardwood which has been a popular choice for many, this is not only durable and long-lasting, but it is sustainably driven. If sustainability/eco-consciousness is paramount in your material selection, look no further than engineered hardwood. Our various collections provide longevity, strength, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability elements while exhibiting the natural look and beauty of real wood. These are also effortless to maintain and clean. It’s a win-win choice!

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Tile Talk: Go Bold, Create Your Statement

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 5/20/2024

Step out of your comfort zone and into a world of bold design with our guidance! Don't let the fear of overwhelming choices hold you back. Embrace timeless designs and colors that seamlessly integrate with your style. Dare to make a statement with unique patterns and hues without sacrificing harmony in your space.

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Tile Talk: Jumbo Ledgers in Home Design

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 4/23/2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, one trend is making a grand statement – quite literally.

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Elevate Your Space: Bedrosians Tile & Stone's Engineered Hardwood Flooring

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 12/13/2023

In the realm of interior design, few elements hold as much transformative power as flooring. It sets the tone, defines the ambiance, and anchors the entire aesthetic of a space. When it comes to flooring options, engineered hardwood stands out as a versatile and sophisticated choice that seamlessly combines the warmth of natural wood with the durability of modern engineering. Bedrosians Tile & Stone takes this concept to the next level with three exceptional engineered wood options: Bordeaux, Newport, and Laguna. In this blog post, we'll explore what makes engineered hardwood unique, why it's an excellent choice.

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Kitchen Design Trends - What We're Eating Up

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 9/5/2023

From their wall-to-wall smart technology to their multi-purpose functionality, kitchens are going through a real renaissance right now. 
No longer are they just spaces to store food and cook meals. They are places to gather, to work, to recharge—literally, all the devices—and to take a break from the chaos of daily living. 
On the style front, we’re seeing lots of new kitchen trends emerging this year, but here are the ones that we can’t stop obsessing over.

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What to Wash For - Our Favorite Bathroom Design Trends

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 8/2/2023

The most private room in the house is getting a lot of public attention in 2023. We’re talking about bathrooms, and they’re poised for style upgrades this year on par with more prominent living spaces. 
Gone are the days when bathrooms were purely functional spaces for the daily to-do’s. Now more than ever, wash spaces have become retreats that you rarely want to leave. Soaking tubs, rain showers and soft lighting help create a spa-like atmosphere, but the real draws—and trends—are in the surfaces, textures and colors that coax you in and surround you. 

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Bedrosians Color Trends

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 7/18/2023

There are few things we look forward to more at the start of every year than the color trend forecasts from interior design experts and those in the know. 
Seemingly everyone weighs in on the annual palette predictions, from magazines to bloggers to paint companies. What’s in, what’s out, what’s making a comeback and what’s fading away…it’s all put out there in black and white, so to speak.  
So, let’s take a look at what colors have been trending in 2023—and, even better, how Bedrosians has you covered.

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Between the Tiles: Choosing Grout Color for Cloe

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 1/4/2023

Cloe is one of our most popular collections of glazed ceramic tile, and for good reason. Its eight colors range from brilliant and bright to deep and dark, with subtle variations of tone that deliver more depth and visual interest to any surface. Cloe’s two sizes, 5”x5” and 2.5”x8”, and smooth gloss finish can create both modern and traditional looks.

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Tasteful Kitchens: Where White Works Wonders

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 11/30/2022

Yes, you can’t really have a kitchen without an oven and a range (oh, and a microwave too). But they aren’t just for cooking anymore. Kitchens have become social spaces for family and friends, coffee spots for me-time and even homework hangouts for kids. After all, studying is way more fun with snacks.

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