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Designing with Black and White Tile and Stone

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 8/13/2019

Every yin needs a yang, every positive needs a negative and as everything that is white needs a black to create balance. Black and white is a classic color combination that has been been a staple in the interior design world since it began. This combo creates a stunning, dramatic and unquestionably sophisticated look to any room. Let these spaces below inspire you to design black and white into your home.  

Black and White Mood BoardVivace Caviar Roads | River Wood Oak | Verve After Dark | Vivace Atlantic | 360 Charcoal | Palazzo Castle Graphite Bloom

“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul” – Andri Cauldwell, contemporary American photographer.

Black and White in Entryways

Wow your guests as they walk into your home by creating a black and white entryway. Enhance the look with black light fixtures, cabinetry and bench seating.

Entryway featuring Enchante ModernoEntryway featuring Enchante Moderno

Tile your home's porch in our black and white porcelain tile Vivace in Caviar Roads. Because porcelain is so durable, you can create continuity from outside to inside the house by adding it to the inside entry area.

Outdoor to Indoor using Vivace porcelain tile in Caviar Roads - simplygroveSource: @simplygrove

You're sure to make your guests smile with this combination of black and white porcelain hexagon mosaic tiles from our Le Cafe Collection.

You are sure to make your guests smile with this combination of black and white hexagon mosaic tilesSource: @southaustindentist
Black and White in Kitchens

Vivid and graphic, black and white kitchens feel clean, fresh and dynamic. Tile the floor, backsplash and/or walls to create this look in your home. Try using our marble-inspired large format Magnifica® Porcelain tile and slabs for a backsplash and get creative with your open shelving by tiling the back with our encaustic tiles. Backsplash used here is Magnifica® Porcelain in 60"x120" Statuarietto and Remy 8"x8" cement tile in Nouveaux.

Remy cement tile in Nouveaux and Magnifica Porcelain in Statuarietto

Our Allora 9" hexagon porcelain in Telaio adds an instant statement to your kitchen. For perfect balance, decorate the rest of the space with subtle additions of black and white and soften the look with textured accents like these woven lampshades below.

Source: @thelifestyledco
thelifestyledcoSource: @thelifestyledco

If you want a mostly white kitchen, but desire a pop of boldness, try tiling the backsplash in the Loire deco option from our Cloe Collection. And to complete the look, tile the rest of the backsplash with Cloe in White and add a black countertop using quartz, granite or porcelain.

Design a graphic backsplash for visual effect in your white kitchenSource: @beckmannhouse
Design a graphic backsplash for visual effect in your white kitchenSource: @beckmannhouse

We love how this black and white tile, Enchante Moderno, ties together the black counters, faucet, window and shelving frames with the white walls.

Kitchen designed by jenferrandi ising Enchante Moderno on the floorKitchen designed by @jenferrandi using Enchante Moderno on the floor
Black and White in Bathrooms

Black and white bathrooms feel so clean, crisp and fresh. For a truly luxurious shower that feels like a high-end hotel spa, cover your shower walls in natural marble slabs. This homeowner, Brittany Hebert Boothby, chose our Mont Clair Danby marble slabs in her bathroom. To complete that spa-feel, you can tile the shower floor using the dark shades of our Hemisphere Collection, a pebble stone mosaic.

Montclair Danby Marble by britttanyhSource: @britttanyh

Achieve a sophisticated take on black and white using our custom Paseo Collection on the floors, 4”x8” in color Black Diamond (matte finish). The wall and showers feature our Magnifica Porcelain panels in color Calacatta Super White.

Paseo special order terra cotta tile in Black Diamond - Magnifica Porcelain Calacatta Super WhiteSource: @jennasuedesign

Even in small bathrooms, a graphic floor is an excellent way to bring in black and white. Used here is our Le Cafe 1" hexagon mosaic in the Mix pattern

Le Cafe in MixSource: @signe_lauren

Round out your designs by tiling the floor and walls of your bathroom with our porcelain 360 collection penny rounds using the Charcoal and White color options. 

Penny round walls and floor using 360 porcelain mosaicSource: @leannefordinteriors

White subway tile (Traditons 3"x6" in Ice White Bright) with black grout creates a bold outline that helps fold in other black accents in the space, like the tub surround and faucet. Because the walls are clean and simple, you can be go graphic with your floor, using an encaustic look tile like Palazzo 12"x12" porcelain tile in Castle Graphic Dynasty Deco.

Penny round walls and floor using 360 porcelain mosaicSource: @mindygayerdesign
Black and White in Living Rooms

The stark whiteness of this living/kitchen, designed by Kate Arends of Wit & Delight, is balanced with black furniture, wall mirrors and accessories.  Achieve this look using our brick collection Avondale 2"x8" in Early Grey.

Avondale brick in Early GreySource: @witanddelight

This fireplace is amazing tiled in Enchante Moderno. The double opening makes it a large canvas, thus creating a vivid focal point in the room.

Fireplace tiled in Enchante ModernoSource: @claudiameixnerinteriors
Black and White Outdoor

Take your black and white designs outside and create stunning outdoor living spaces. Most porcelain tile is an excellent surface option for patios and eating areas. This outdoor kitchen is faced with Enchante Moderno.

Outdoor Kitchen tiled in Enchante Moderno by designworkshomeSource: @designworkshome

This patio is so inviting. It is tiled in our 8"x8" Vivace porcelain tile in the Caviar Roads pattern. To get the look of the black tiled exterior, try our 2.5"x10" porcelain Urbanity Collection in Black.

Outdoor Patio tiled in Vivace porcelain in Caviar Roads by simplygroveSource: @simplygrove

Throw open the windows and the outside in. Porcelain flooring in an excellent option for indoor/outdoor sunrooms. This space is tiled in Allora 8.5"x10" hexagon porcelain in the Fiore deco.

Allora 8.5"x10" hexagon porcelain in the Fiore deco by Plan Architecture InteriorsSource: @planinteriors
Featured Products

Create the looks above in your home by using the same products featured in this story. Visit any of our showrooms to browse and choose the best products for your next project.

Enchante ModernoEnchante 8"x8" porcelain tile in Moderno
Vivace Caviar RoadsVivace 9"x9" porcelain tile in Caviar Roads
Allora TelaioAllora 8.5"x10" hexagon porcelain tile in Telaio
360 3/4-in penny round porcelain mosaic in White Matte360 3/4" porcelain mosaic in White Matte
360 3/4-in penny round porcelain mosaic in Charcoal360 3/4" porcelain mosaic in Charcoal
Remy 8x8 cement tile in NouveauxRemy 8"x8" cement tile in Nouveaux
Magnifica Porcelain in Super White Calacatta 2cm panelMagnifica® Porcelain 60"x120" Super White Calacatta 3/4" panel
Le Cafe 2-in hexagon mosaic in Black MatteLe Cafe 2" hexagon mosaic in Black Matte
Le Cafe 1-in hexagon mosaic in MixLe Cafe 1" hexagon mosaic in Mix
Le Cafe 2-in hexagon mosaic in White MatteLe Cafe 2" hexagon mosaic in White Matte
Cloe 2.5x8 ceramic tile in WhiteCloe 2.5"x8" ceramic tile in White
Cloe 5x5 ceramic tile in Loire decoCloe 5"x5" ceramic tile in Loire deco
Avondale 2x8 brick tile in Early GreyAvondale 2"x8" brick tile in Early Grey
Montclair Danby polished 3cm slabMontclair Danby polished 3cm slab
Palazzo 12x12 Florentina deco in Castle GraphitePalazzo 12"x12" Florentina deco in Castle Graphite
Paseo special order terra cotta tile in 4x8 Black DiamondPaseo special order terra cotta tile in 4"x8" Black Diamond
Palazzo 12x12 Dynasty deco in Castle GraphitePalazzo 12"x12" Dynasty deco in Castle Graphite
Allora 8.5x10 porcelain hexagon deco in FioreAllora 8.5"x10" porcelain hexagon deco in Fiore
Traditions 3x6 ceramic tile in Ice White BrightTraditions 3"x6" ceramic tile in Ice White Bright
Urbanity 2.5x10 porcelain in BlackUrbanity 2.5"x10" porcelain in Black

Designing in black and white - it's all good!

GoodSource: @yeahjan