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Luxury You Can Live On

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 8/24/2018

A life-changing kind of porcelain is here!
Fine marble is synonymous with luxury.  But its maintenance and upkeep does take a little more effort — especially with busy families and active households. However, Bedrosians offers an amazing compromise that marries the look of stunning natural stone with the easy maintenance of porcelain. We call it Magnifica® Porcelain - it delivers high-end looks with all the benefits porcelain tile is famous for!

Have messy kids who leave sippy cup drips or an enthusiastic chef who creates sauce and grease splatters? Have a million places to go and little time for a perfectly kept home? Magnifica® Porcelain and busy households go hand in hand. Watch our video to learn why this product is a wise choice for families.

See why more homeowners are choosing porcelain for their counters
Shown here: Magnifica Porcelain 126"x60"x12mm in Luxe White in our new satin finish

Magnifica® is large format porcelain that comes as large as 5 feet x 10 feet in super slim profiles of 6mm or 12mm. You are able to use porcelain in the same way stone slabs have been used for ages - as beautiful household surfaces. The outstanding natural and organic looks are created by taking real stone slabs, scanning them and replicating them on porcelain panels. You get an unparalleled durability from Magnifica® compared to natural stone. It's a seamless surface that’s shock-proof, heat-proof, acid-proof, and of course, spill-proof!

We've captured unmatched marble realism with our three new options.

1) Luxe White - 60"x126"x12mm in the polished finish
Available in 30"x30"x6mm honed & polished, 60"x120"x6mm polished, 60"x126"x12mm polished and satin
2) Nero Marquina - 60"x120"x6mm in the polished finish
Available in 30"x30"x6mm polished, 60"x120"x6mm polished, 60"x126"x12mm polished
3) Pietra Grey - 60"x120"x6mm in the polished finish
Available in 30"x30"x6mm polished, 60"x120"x6mm polished, 60"x126"x12mm polished

New sizes and textures!

1) Satin finish in select 12mm colors – truly feels like natural stone
2) Honed finish in select 30"x30" sizes
3) 12mm book match in Statuario Super White, Lincoln Super White & Calacatta Super White
4) 15"x30" and 60"x60" sizes (honed and polished) added to Statuario Super White

Low maintenance and easy to clean. Withstands scaling, moisture and stains and is resistant to scuffing, scratching, fire and heat. And because of its large size, Magnifica® alleviates the amount of grout needed for your project, leaving a seamless and elegant appearance. Unlike natural stone, porcelain never needs to be sealed.

Light weight and sustainable. Weighs a fraction of traditional tile and stone slabs, yet is durable and ideal for both new installations and remodels since it can be installed over existing surfaces, thus saving valuable construction time. It saves cost on tear-outs and significantly reduces waste in the landfills. Magnifica® is produced in a state-of-the-art facility with a sustainable, green, environmental-friendly process that reduces, reuses and recycles.

Varied sizes, profiles and finishes work for different surfaces. The thin 6mm profile, in 30"x30" tile and 60"x120" slab, are perfect for floors and walls as they are light and easy to install. For counters and shower walls, we recommend the 60"x126" which is slightly thicker at 12mm. The thicker, longer option offers more surface and handles well with cuts for shower fixtures and sinks. Because Magnifica® is so lightweight, it can be used not only as a countertop, but as cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The different finishes of polished, honed and the new satin offer different looks as well.

Perfect for exterior applications. Because Magnifica® is porcelain, it creates the opportunity to use indoor surfaces outside, obtaining an elegant effect of continuity and depth. It offers a smooth transition between spaces thanks to the adaptability of Magnifica® to both dry and wet environments, allowing for perfect placement on any type of outdoor foundation. Magnifica® can also be used as a Ventilated Facade System (VFS), an exterior cladding choice for buildings which combines aesthetic appeal and thermal performance.

Magnifica® Porcelain, where it looks very similar to natural stone, must be handled, fabricated and installed much differently than stone. Professional-grade tools and equipment are required and fabricators must be certified* by the product manufacturer, which Bedrosians helps facilitate. Watch the video we've created for installers to learn the best practices for making the most of this revolutionary surface!

Learn requirements and techniques for Magnifica® Porcelain

To view all the options available to you in our Magnifica® Collection, plus details for professionals, download our comprehensive product tearsheet.

* Bedrosians® requires all installers of Magnifica® Porcelain to receive F.A.C.T., Factory Advanced Comprehensive Training from Stonepeak Ceramics. F.A.C.T., Factory Advanced Comprehensive Training, is implemented by Stonepeak experts knowledgeable with large porcelain panels. Following procedural training course activities and successful completion of F.A.C.T. testing, participants are ready to confidently begin installing panels now possessing the technical aspects and hands on experience this “one of a kind” training offers. For more information on F.A.C.T., contact your local Bedrosians® store.