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Grout Without a Doubt: Choosing the Perfect Grout Color for Makoto Tile

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 4/5/2022

With literally thousands of tile options out there, finding the perfect style can be a difficult and stressful endeavor. If you’ve decided to go with something from our Makoto Collection—or you’re leaning towards it—you’re already in a great place. 

Available as glazed ceramic or porcelain, Makoto has the unique quality to take on a contemporary or traditional feel, depending on the color you choose. And as you can see by our Makoto gallery, it truly is a tile for any style. For a little more inspo, check out some beautiful Makoto installs from our customers.

Once you’ve decided on Makoto, it’s time to choose a grout color—which can often feel like an even bigger challenge than picking tile. After all, grout color can completely change the look of the tile, not to mention the entire room where it’s installed.

There’s no reason to panic, though. Picking the right grout color can be a fun process—and dare we say easy—if you know how. That’s why we’re here to help.

There are three basic things to factor into your decision: tile color, room size and install location. 

Tile Color

Grout can provide a certain warmth or a coolness to a space. Earthier tones like tans, off-whites and pinks will give the area more warmth, while light and dark grays will create a more contemporary, cooler vibe. If your tile is colorful, light grout can really make that tile color stand out.

But the big question you want to ask yourself is, “Do I want my grout to match, contrast or complement my tile?” 

Makoto Bathroom
Makoto 2.5"x10" Matte Ceramic Wall Tile in Umi Terracotta

Matching will create a more minimalist look, with the grout lines almost fading into the background and virtually disappearing. 

Makoto Bathroom
Makoto 2.5"x10" Matte Ceramic Wall Tile in Kuroi Black 

Contrasting will make each tile “pop” and draw attention to the size and shape of your tile. If you’re installing Makoto in a unique pattern like herringbone or stacked, it’ll highlight that layout. 

Makoto Bathroom
Makoto 2.5"x10" Matte Ceramic Wall Tile in Arashi Blue

Complementing with color is a bit of both, where you’re choosing a grout color that’s featured in the tile.

Room Size 

Grout color can have a pretty dramatic effect on how big or small your space is perceived versus how it actually is. 

If you’re tiling a tighter spot and want your space to feel more open, go with a grout color that matches or blends into your tile. For example, white grout on white tile in the bathroom will create a more seamless flow from tile to tile, making the space feel larger, lighter and more open. 

Install Location

Where you tile is just as important as tile color and room size. Are you tiling an area that’s prone to getting dirty? Or a spot that’s more form than function?

Lighter grout may need to be cleaned more often, so for high-traffic areas like floors, darker grout can hide dirt better while achieving a more uninterrupted look. Also, a darker shade is a smart choice if your tile is going to be exposed to food and grease, like as a kitchen backsplash.

And don’t forget the rest of the room. Paint colors, furniture and decor can impact the way the grout color appears. It may feel less bold if it complements other tones in your space. But pairing it with the color of another element, like a bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets, can create an unexpected twist.

After you’ve figured out your grout color, your installer will mix up the amount you need and set it into your tile. If you’re DIYing it, talk with a grout supplier to ensure you create the right tone.

So, now let’s quiz you on everything you’ve learned. Just kidding! Hopefully we’ve removed any doubts about choosing the right grout color for your Makoto tile. If you’re still unsure, give us a shout or stop into your local Bedrosians showroom, where our design team will be happy to assist. 

Oh, and one last thing. We’d love to see the finished product, so if you post any photos of your new space, tag @bedrosianstile and we’ll share it with our fans!