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6 Black Countertops to Inspire Your Home Renovation

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 10/21/2019

If you want to make a statement with your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or mudroom renovations, choosing a black countertop is a good way to go. An inky black surface works in modern designs as dark counters pair well with white cabinets, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. They also do wonders in traditional and rustic designs as well. Black counters combined with wood floors, cabinets or rustic shelves or even a vibrant tile backsplash, are an outstanding base. Love to entertain? Dark counters, whether you choose a polished, leathered or honed finish, make your dishware shine and colorful flowers and linens pop. Take inspiration from these black countertop designs below.

Absolute Black Granite Countertops

Absolute Black Granite - Honed 2cm slabSpic and Span Laundry Room
Countertop: Absolute Black 2cm honed granite slab | Backsplash: get this look with Zenith 2.5"x9" porcelain tile in Milky Way | Floor: Titus 6"x36" wood-look porcelain in Camel
Absolute Black Granite - Honed 2cm slab

One of the most popular and durable options for your black countertop is Absolute Black granite. Resilient and durable, sophisticated appearance, versatile design applications, it's the granite of choice for many homeowners and designers. It evokes an elegant, dramatic and bold vibe that is perfect for modern or traditional looks. Absolute Black is quarried from India and displays a consistent color and texture. From afar, this stone appears completely pure black, but up close you can see interesting grey mineral deposits. We also offer other dark granite options that are just as beautiful.

Absolute Black Granite - Honed 2cm slabAbsolute Black Granite - Honed 2cm slab
Absolute Black Granite honed 2cm slab on counter with Enchante 8x8 porcelain tile on floorLight and Bright with Black and White
Countertop: Absolute Black Granite honed 2cm slab | Floor: Enchante 8"x8" porcelain tile in Moderno | Designer: Jen Ferrandi
Absolute Black Granite polished 3cm slabSleek and Sophisticated
Get this look with Absolute Black Granite polished 3cm slab
Source: Architecture Digest - Copyright © 2012 The Condé Nast Publications. All Rights Reserved.
Absolute Black Granite polished 3cm slabSpotlight Your Colorful Dishes
Get this look with Absolute Black Granite honed 2cm slab
Source: Architecture Digest - Copyright © 2015 The Condé Nast Publications. All Rights Reserved.
Absolute Black Granite honed 3cm slabBlack on Black
Get this look of this counter with Absolute Black Granite honed 2cm slab | Wall tile: 360 porcelain penny round mosaic in Charcoal | Source: designxwoods

Magnifica® Porcelain in Nero Marquina

Another solution for a black countertop is Magnifica Porcelain in Nero Marquina. Nero Maquina is designed to look like its marble counterpart - with all the beauty of marble and but with the easy maintenance and durability of porcelain!

Magnifica Porcelain 60x120x6mm in Nero MarquinaCountertop and Sink All in One!
Counter/Sink: Magnifica Porcelain 60"x120"x6mm in polished Nero Marquina | Backsplash: Magnifica Porcelain 60"x120"x6mm in Luxe White
Magnifica Porcelain slab in polished Nero MarquinaMagnifica Porcelain slab in polished Nero Marquina

Two other black options are Basalto and Pure Black. Basalto replicates the look of volcanic basalt; it's not a deep black, but rather a deep charcoal with slight texture. The Pure Black option offers a solid black that's available in either a polished or honed choice.

Magnifica Porcelain slab in honed BasaltoMagnifica Porcelain slab in honed Basalto
Magnifica Porcelain slab in honed Pure BlackMagnifica Porcelain slab in honed Pure Black (also available in polished)

Pros of Black Countertops

What people love most about black countertops is that they create a stunning presence in their home. Dark counters' lack of brightness adds a sense of depth to any space, which creates a unique ambiance that can turn any kitchen or bathroom from drab into sophisticated. 

1) Enhances Other Colors in the Space
Another benefit of incorporating dark granite countertops into your kitchen or bathroom is that the dark shade enhances or accentuates other colors used in the space. For instance, black contrasted against stark white cabinets and stainless steel appliances creates an eye-catching design that is sure to please homeowners and guests. 

2) Provides a Dependable, Durable Surface 
Many homeowners love dark granite and porcelain countertops because of the durable and dependable surface they provide for cooking, entertaining, and other uses. 

Cons of Black Countertops

1) Prone to Marks
Black and dark natural stone or porcelain countertops, especially those with a high polished finish, can be prone to marks like fingerprints and smudges. However, these small marks can be easily cleaned with a good natural-stone or porcelain cleaner.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Countertops

How to Care for Your Black Granite Countertops

Maintaining and caring for granite and other types of natural-stone surfaces requires a basic 2-step process that includes cleaning and sealing to preserve and protect the beauty of your granite surface.

Clean - Cleaning your granite countertops with a cleaner that is uniquely designed to clean natural-stone surfaces helps prevent damage. Common household cleaners typically contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals that can damage natural stone by breaking down the protective seal and putting it at risk for stains, etches, and dullness, which can lead to expensive repair or replacement.

Seal - Sealing your dark granite countertops after you have cleaned them provides long-lasting protection against etching, staining, and dirt buildup, which helps prolong the life or your investment. Make sure to seal frequently using a specially formulated granite sealer.

Source: Granite Gold

How to Care for Your Black Porcelain Countertops

Clean the counter regularly with a pH neutral cleaner and rinse with clean water. Use only neutral, non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaners. Avoid use of any harsh cleaning products that contain bleach or acidic chemicals. Acid-based cleaners and harsh chemicals may etch the surface of the tile, especially tiles with polished or honed finishes.

Search for Your Perfect Countertop

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