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The Solis Collection: Stone Mosaics that Radiate Style

By Bedrosians Tile & Stone | 4/26/2022

No matter what the weather is doing outside, there is one stone mosaic collection that ensures the sun is always shining in your home. The Solis Collection, a series of stunning, stone blend mosaic designs inspired by the sun, brings a new level of vibrancy to your space, day and night.

Solis Kitchen
Solis Honed Marble Blend Mosaic Tile in White Carrara & White Thassos

Solis features four monochromatic color blends that radiate warmth or cool, depending on the contrast of each motif. Using white, beige, charcoal and black tones, each pattern starts with a prominent, central circle then move outward with concentric rings made of a range of geometric shapes. In the Solis Collection, squares, triangles, rectangles and circles all have their day in the sun. Each color blend creates a variety of focal points, bringing out something new and different to the eye. Solis is sold in 14 1/4” x 14 1/4” sheets and comes with a mesh backing for effortless handling and installation, and allows for uninterrupted patterns of overlapping shapes across the surface where it is installed.

Solis Kitchen
Solis Honed Marble Blend Mosaic Tile in Myra Beige & Basalt

While it’s no substitute for natural light, Solis might be the next best thing. For prominent areas like kitchens, bathrooms and statement walls, or smaller spaces like wet bars and laundry rooms, Solis is a perfect fit. And with its honed finish, the collection has a soft, matte texture that is velvety to the touch.

The sun-inspired Solis Collection uses intricate geometric shape to form patterns that will bring newfound visual energy to your home. Not to mention, it will let your personal style shine bright.